“In this installation called ‘Out of Bounds’, I return to the use of the chair in a context which explores the perception of space beneath ground or floor level and the triggers that promote envisioning within this kind of space which I have come to describe as vertical space.  It relates to my work on attitudes to mortality in contemporary society which looks at the continuous processes by which past civilisations are concealed and then revealed, altering and readjusting perceptions of mortality and thus the recognition of the divisions between life and death.  It also seeks to question the boundaries between illusion and reality and how they affect consciousness of self in a given place.

“The work is made from two horizontal mirrors, one suspended above the other, face to face.  By this means, the drawing of one single chair in the silvered side of the upper mirror produces an infinite number, stacked in illusory space, beneath the floor.  Documentation of this stack of chairs was impossible without also including a picture of the camera!  Because of the huge element that refracted light plays, the dimension of illusion also extends to a subsidiary image of a chair thrown upside down on the far wall of the gallery.”

Extract from the paper “Time after Time an Odyssey in Vertical Space” Jane Boyd 2008

Out of Bounds 1999

charcoal dust, mirror, projected light

British School at Rome, Italy

Jane Boyd

photos Edward Woodman