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Jane Boyd,installation,artist,Vacant Possession,Portrait of a Village

Jane Boyd

Vacant Possession Portrait of a Village detail iv 2011 by Jane Boyd

Jane Boyd

Vacant Possession,Portrait of a Village,detail,2011,installation by Jane Boyd

Jane Boyd

Vacant Possession Portrait of a Village 

details i-iv 2011

light-based installation 

mirror spotlight

Maison Dora Maar, Ménerbes, France

Jane Boyd

These images, including two details, describe an assortment of mirrors lent for the period of the exhibition ‘Vacant Possession Portrait of a Village’ in 2011 at La Maison Dora Maar. The House is named after the artist who lived and worked here. Each of the mirrors has been chosen and lent by a person local to the small village of Ménerbes, in response to a leaflet distributed throughout the community.  Each mirror reflects and frames the shape and character of another caused by refracted light; their usual reflection of a person or thing is absent as each mirror becomes host to that of an unknown neighbour. This work is about transition and movement within a community and how this effects a future which is contingent on the past.  A short video has been produced from photos made of the work while it was being documented.