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Jane Boyd,installation,art,artist,site-specific,gallery
Moulded Matter,Cast,Image,2012, installation,Jane Boyd
Palindrome,light-based,installation,Jane Boyd
You are There,detail,2019,Jane Boyd,installation,Trinity College Cambridge
The Pantheon Rome 1999 Jane Boyd light based installation
Out of Bounds 1999 mirror plaster dust charcoal dust spot installation by Jane Boyd
light-based,installations,site-specific,Jane Boyd
Jane Boyd,installations,artist,Chairing,detail,ii,installation,Chair,Chairing,Chaired,1996
Double Volume 2001  rubber mirror adhesive medium projected slide The Warburg Institute, London Jane Boyd exhibited in 2001
Landing the Fugitive,ii,2006, refracted,light,installation,Jane Boyd CNIT Building Paris
Water Course,1993,installation,Jane Boyd
Trolley on the Horizon,2009, Cyfarthfa,South Wales,BAHAR,Taff River Project,2009-13
Plato's Cave,2002,rubber,acetate, paper,projected,slide
Double Volume,installation,Jane Boyd,The Warburg Institute,London
Concrete Liaisons,2006,Jane Boyd,Senate House,Tower,Malet Street,London
Out of Bounds 1999 light based installatiion by Jane Boyd British School at Rome
Stasis iv 2011-12,Jane Boyd, Maison Dora Maar,France
Trespassing 1993 by Jane Boyd
Perfect Stranger 2000 an installation by Jane Boyd
It Was Today 1999 by Jane Boyd installation Change Studio d'Arte Contemporanea
Body and Being 2004 light based innstallation by Jane Boyd
Water Course detail i 1993 installation by Jane Boyd
Vacant Possession Portrait of a Village detail iv 2011 installation by Jane Boyd Maison Dora Maar France
To the Warder of Things Present detail i 1995 by Jane Boyd installation Mariakapel Hoorn Netherlands
Back and Forth 2002 by Jane Boyd installation Filmacademie Amsterdam
To the Warder of Things Present 1995 by Jane Boyd Mariakapel Hoorn Netherlands
Stepping in and Out 2018 from the series Dark Passing by Jane Boyd
Tower in a Raindrop 2004 by Jane Boyd
Landing the Fugitive 2006 by Jane Boyd CNIT Building Paris
Wet Suite 6/12 Series i 2004-06 by Jane Boyd
Gathering Worlds detail i 1999 iinstallation by Jane Boyd Tivoli Italy
Movements in the Dark i 2012 by Jane Boyd
Wet Suite a series of photographic installations by Jane Boyd
Wet Suite Series 1 2004-06 by Jane Boyd
Turbid Quarters 2010 Wet Suite Seeries ii 6/12 2008-11 by Jane Boyd
Heavenly Messengers iii,1991 drawing installation,Jane Boyd
Heavenly Messengers ii 1991 drawing installation by Jane Boyd
Water Haulage v 1992 drawing installation by Jane Boyd