Jane Boyd Concrete Liaisons 2006

Jane Boyd

Concrete Liaisons 2006 

Senate House Tower, Malet Street London

Jane Boyd 

Concrete Liaisons ’, was an event that took place in December 2006 starting in the afternoon and running 15.00hrs - 8.00hrs.  It replaced the original flood-lighting installed in 1937. This image shows the Malet Street elevation with the image of “Chancing the Circle” in a projection that runs 35m up the building. As the number of lighted windows diminished, the building gradually became host to the projections.  

To contextualise the work, Jane Boyd made a film from a nearby roof top with Paul Cox on camera and Richard Stoner on sound.  The film brings together the sight of the spectacular local cityscape and the sonotope or soundscape of Underground worlds directly beneath. The film was completed in 2007 – view an abbreviated version of it here