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Jane Boyd,installation,artist,BAHAR

Trolley on the Horizon 2009

Cyfarthfa, South Wales 

Jane Boyd

The Taff River Project 2009-2013 

In connection with her part in this project, initiated by BAHAR at Cardiff University and directed by Prof. Geoffrey Samuels. Jane Boyd’s work focuses on the former ironworks at Cyfarthfa, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. By drawing on a wide range of disciplines in the humanities, this project aims to bring fresh insights into the nature of the Taff River, its trajectory and the considerable cultural, social and economic bearing it has had and continues to have on the development and identity of the community of South Wales. 

Former ironworks at Cyfarthfa, site of Trolley on the Horizon 2009 by Jane Boyd a site featured in the Taff River Project 2009-13